Who We Serve

Exclusively serving the financial services industry.

Investment Advisers

The financial regulatory space is the only space we’re in. That means we understand the requirements associated with fund documents, fund fact sheets, fund websites and more, and leverage that knowledge throughout all of our offerings. FilePoint’s deep understanding of the niche mutual fund industry means we also understand the importance of growing a fund. That’s why we provide an entire group of services dedicated to making that growth as seamless and efficient as possible for investment advisers.

We help investment advisers grow their funds in several ways:

Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Other Investment Companies

Making mutual fund administrators’ lives easier by helping them create and submit all registered SEC filings is what we do. That’s why we use automation technology on their behalf, often customizing the process to match that of our clients’, to make each step as effortless and effective as possible. Our team of regulatory experts stays on top of the latest developments, ensuring our services and technology are in line with the current landscape for funds and ETFs. Plus, considering we’re often up to 50% less than our larger competitors, FilePoint makes the entire process more cost-effective, too.

We support mutual funds, ETFs and others with the following services: