Tailored Shareholder Reporting

A complete end-to-end solution covering all aspects of tailored shareholder reports.

Leveraging our JobTrax platform, we provide a complete end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of the new Tailored Shareholders Report rule. We facilitate process oversight by providing a dashboard for the job library and data management. Collecting data in a structured format, we are able to automate the output of EDGAR HTML, iXBRL, and print-ready PDFs to meet the regulatory requirements. Additionally, our output includes interactive HTML and ADA conformance. From data collection to the final delivery of SEC filings, printing and fulfillment, and web posting, we can handle it all.

JobTrax features include:

  • Automating document creation and content generation
    • Generating all TSR jobs based on fiscal year end
    • Rolling forward static content and updating applicable reporting period dates
    • Importing new data: expense information, fund statistics, performance, holding information
    • Mapping data into each TSR
  • Facilitating job management via the document library and dashboard
  • Enabling review, editing and approval via browser
  • Automating all required output