We leverage our expertise and technology for your peace of mind.

We make regulatory reporting and disclosures as seamless as possible for everyone involved with these core solutions:

SEC Reporting & Filing

FilePoint provides support for all required SEC filings and disclosures. From intake to printing and fulfillment, we support fund administrators through the entire process, alleviating stress and saving them time by using our own proprietary software and technology to make each step as easy and efficient as possible. Our ever-growing list of services include:

Tailored Shareholder Reporting

If it has to do with implementing the Tailored Shareholder Report rules, FilePoint handles it. By automating much of the process on clients’ behalfs, we save them time and reduce the risk of errors, all without charging any implementation fees.

Automation Technology

Automation Technology is at the core of our business. We create custom, tailored software that increases efficiencies and accuracy while mitigating risk and saving resources for fund administrators. From iXBRL automation to proprietary software built around client preferences—we manage all of it, so there are no licenses to worry about or new software to learn. Our automation technology includes:

Investor Marketing & Communications

As experts in the financial industry, FilePoint ensures clients are following all appropriate regulations while handling all investor marketing and communication needs. This added value helps advisers seamlessly grow funds by not only providing typesetting and printing fulfillment, but also posting financial materials online, so investors have all the information they need.

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