iXBRL filing and tagging services, made easy.

We support mutual funds, including open- and closed-end funds, from both a software and service perspective, so you can save time and gain confidence in your inline XBRL (iXBRL) filings.

We offer an innovative, adaptive approach.

With the ever-changing iXBRL tagging needs and shortened timelines, our proprietary software is already linked to our HTML conversion, making for a turnkey iXBRL conversion with the push of a button.

We provide iXBRL tagging and filing as a standalone service or integrated as part of our turnkey iXBRL conversion solution. Our automated solution encompasses typesetting, EDGAR filing, printing, mailing, and document hosting to meet all your SEC requirements.

High-touch, high-quality service.

FilePoint® has a proven track record of completing thousands of iXBRL SEC filings for open- and closed-end funds, with the highest levels of customer service, accuracy, and timeliness.

With FilePoint, you benefit from:


Our inline XBRL automation tool reduces the tagging process to a push of a button, ensuring preservation of tags and significantly reducing the time required to process a tagged document.

Knowledgeable staff

A knowledgeable staff of iXBRL experts, who stay on the forefront of the latest SEC rules, ensuring we navigate ever-changing regulatory hurdles with efficiency.


Our team will communicate the planning needs and workflow guidelines, and develop the best process for each client.