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FilePoint provides technical typesetting services for prospectuses (both statutory and summary), shareholder reports, proxies, fact sheets, and other fund documents, quickly and accurately.

Benefits of working with FilePoint on all your typesetting needs:

  • Since FilePoint is a full-service shop, we can also create a complete turnkey solution to design your typesetting documents, print them, distribute them to your investors, post them online, and file them with the SEC in whichever data format that you require.
  • Leveraging proprietary technology, our team of typesetting experts do the work to ensure your documents are clean, stylized, and consistent.
  • We can customize our service offering to best suit your specific needs by tailoring the workflow and automating data integration.
  • We utilize a sophisticated change-tracking software that lets you see exactly what has been modified in your document since the previous draft.

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