How We Do It

Get all the benefits of our software—without actually having to use it.

It’s not just what we do that’s different from our competitors, it’s also how we do it. That’s by developing our own technology in-house through the collaboration of our technology, regulatory and client service experts. This allows us to customize our programs and software to support specific requirements of the financial industry and client preferences at the same time. FilePoint’s team of experts are specifically trained to use our proprietary technology on our clients’ behalfs, completely removing the need to deal with licenses or new software training, because FilePoint handles it all.

The time-saving software we’ve developed and use to eliminate risk and simplify Tailored Shareholder Reports. It automates document creation and content generation as well as all required output, rolling static information forward and updating the rest. TSRTrax, upfitted from JobTrax to support every TSR requirement, also allows for simple and easy browser-based job management, review, editing and approval. Fund administrators appreciate how it supports the entire Tailored Shareholder Workflow and enables coordination with multiple parties.

An industry-exclusive document library that gives clients the ability to keep up with their jobs (past and present) by showing the status of each and any related files in real time. It also has the ability to do NPORT and NCEN. While using this client job dashboard is completely optional, since we’re the ones doing the work, it gives clients the flexibility to keep track of the status of every job at any time.


This is our in-house content management system for automating HTML from Typeset. It truly is a single source for multiple outputs, allowing us to create all the necessary formats with the touch of a button. In addition to typesetting, Arnie also supports EDGAR and inline XBRL.


Arnie is our automated inline XBRL (iXBRL) conversion software and is already linked to our HTML conversion software. This single source for multiple outputs gives fund administrators greater confidence in their ability to meet all of the ever-changing SEC requirements for iXBRL.

This complete solution for hosting fund material enables fund advisers to effortlessly keep up with the SEC’s increasing requirements for regulatory content on a fund’s website to seamlessly market and promote their fund. It allows for multiple options for integrating document hosting into a website, such as linking documents directly via URL or adding fully responsive document tables to existing sites.

AutoFact automates fund fact sheets for quicker turnaround and fewer errors. Fact sheets can be generated from any type of source file format, customized to your specific fund or fund group, and dynamically updated on a recurring basis to meet SEC requirements for seamless integration of data feed.

This extensive web solution for ETFs dynamically displays all required fund data and can be tailored to match the individual style needs of any fund family. With ETFData, FilePoint offers two options:

  • Full website design, using fully responsive designs that can support any required external data feeds.
  • ETFData site plugin, which is a good option for clients with existing websites. Builds displays quickly and ensures disclosures will be compliant and up to date.