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Electronic Delivery Bill

On April 26, 2023, the House of Representatives – Financial Services Committee introduced a bill regarding the electronic delivery of certain disclosures. Following the enactment of the bill, the SEC must propose no later than 180 days; rules, regulations, amendments, or interpretations, to allow covered entities to deliver regulatory documents required under the securities laws electronically. 

For investors that are not currently receiving the documents electronically, the bill would require: 

  • Delivery of an initial communication in paper form regarding electronic delivery. 
  • A transition period not to exceed 180 days until such regulatory documents are delivered to such investors by electronic delivery. 
  • During a period not to exceed 2 years following the transition period, delivery of an annual notice in paper form to serve as a reminder of the ability to opt out. 

Covered Entities Include A[n] 

  • Investment company  
  • Business development company  
  • Registered
    • broker or dealer  
    • municipal securities dealer  
    • government securities broker or government securities dealer  
    • investment adviser  
    • transfer agent
    • funding portal

Regulatory Documents Include A[n] 

  • Prospectus  
  • Summary Prospectus  
  • Statement of Additional Information  
  • Annual Report  
  • Semi-Annual Report  
  • Certain notices  
  • Confirmations and account statements  
  • Proxy statements  
  • Privacy notices  
  • Affiliate marketing notices 

Proposed Bill 


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