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Exhibit Hyperlinks

The SEC recently passed a new final rule regarding hyperlinking of exhibits within filings, as well as exhibit references in Part C of registration statements.

Key takeaways for investment companies:

  • Hyperlinks will be required for exhibit indexes within a filing (except for XBRL filing exhibits)
  • Hyperlinks will be required for previously filed exhibits that are incorporated by reference in Part C (for r
  • egistration statements)
  • Most common investment company form filings affected : N-1A, N-2, N-CSR, N-14
  • ASCII filings will no longer be accepted
  • Compliance Date: April 21, 2020

FilePoint’s Solution

FilePoint has a full solution for incorporating the SEC-related hyperlinks into the affected filings. We can incorporate hyperlinks as a default part of our workflow, which includes:

  • Incorporating hyperlinks to exhibits contains within a current filing
  • Setting up an initial template for each registration’s Part C that incorporates hyperlinks to all exhibits incorporated by reference
  • Ongoing maintenance of Part C exhibits incorporated by reference
  • Proofs that incorporate the clickable hyperlinks for review